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Upcoming Events

Kappa Week 2007

Kappa Week is our annual observance of our Chapter Anniversary. In recent years, we have expanded it from a single day, to an entire week of festivities. It is a celebration of brotherhood, family, the bonds we share between each brother, and the Shippensburg University community.

Here is a schedule of this years events:

Sex Awareness Interactive Seminar & Workshop
November 5th, 7:00PM, CUB Lounges

Menís Workshop
November 6th, 7:30PM, CUB Lounges

Womenís Appreciation
November 7th, 8:00PM, Gilbert Hall

Black Thursday
November 8th, 8:00PM, Gilbert Hall

Kappa Alpha Psi Presents: The Bold and Beautiful Fashion Show
November 9th, 8:00PM, Memorial Auditorium

Kappa Kabaret
November 10th, 6:00PM, Shippensburg Community Center

Church Service
November 11th, 10:00AM, Shippensburg University Spiritual Center

Please see a Prettyboy for more details!!!


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