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           WHY PHI NU PI
		 I'm reminded of a time, when a girl--fine as wine, 
    		      came and looked me in the eye.
    		 And, with a look so sly, she then said "Hi..."
    		      and asked "...why PHI NU PI?".
    		 I turned my head with a devilish grin, and asked her 
    		      where she'd been...
    		 "Don't you know we've rocked the spot since 
    		      nineteen ele-ven???"
    		 I took it one step further, just to blow her mind...
		 "Just do a little research, and I'm sure  
    		       that you will find...
    		 KAPPA-MEN, upon KAPPA-MEN, achieveing 
    		       EVERY TIME!!!  
    		 You see, its not just KAPPA STYLE, and 
    		       it's not just KAPPA GRACE.
    		 But it's also how KAPPAS REPRESENT in ANY
    		       any EVERY place.
    		 You see, NUPES shine so brightly, like 
    		       diamonds in the sky.
    		 And that's why, fair lady, why I chose
    		       PHI NU PI"

    			                     -by Bro. Marc L. Darden


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